I started taking an interest in music from an early age. Growing up my house was always full of music, especially soul and R&B.

With the advancements in media I discovered new music through magazines and the internet,  aswell as music channels.

I started listening to hip hop and rap when I was in school, from then on I always had earphones in. I moved towards rock and metal in my early teenage years, and discovered groundbreaking bands such as Metallica, Korn and Iron Maiden.

When I left school I studied media and business for a couple of years while in between jobs. I had no real life plan until one day I was scrolling through the music channels and heard a band called Rammstein. Having heard them I wanted to play an instrument more than anything.

I decided to go out and buy my first guitar, a Yamaha Pacifica 112. I couldn’t put it down! I practiced day in and day out, and while doing this I realised my hometown had a thriving music  scene. I met new friends and found new music to listen to. I then started college again studying
music and music technology. Since then my mind has been blown wide open, I now listen to a ridiculous amount of music, ranging from trance to indie and metal to folk.

I have gained a vast amount of experience in live performance on both guitar and bass, as well as being able to work in a live sound and studio environment when it comes to engineering and producing.

I now have my life plan, to be fully integrated in the music industry with no sign of losing interest.

You will see new developments in my career on this blog, I hope you enjoy it.

  Stay Classy – Josh


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